Chris “Satyr” Ready’s Letter

To whom it may concern,

My name is Chris Ready, I am a 2D and 3D Artist working with Simutronics Corp; a
video game design company based out of Maryland Hts, MO. I am writing on behalf of
my good friend and co worker Eric Wideman who worked with me at Simutronics as our
QA manager. In addition to his duties in QA Eric also assisted with our Design Dept. I
have been an artist in the free-lance, role-playing game and video-game industries for
over 20 years, and in these industries we search for people with the kind of incredible
talent, curiosity, eye for detail and drive Eric has consistently exhibited. He is always
striving to learn new programs and his tenacity and design decisions have continued to
impress me time and again.

I feel with all confidence that Eric would be an excellent candidate for your company
and I would like to offer the highest recommendation I can give. If there is anything else
I can provide then please feel free to contact me.


Chris Ready
Artist at Simutronics Corp