Chris “Skippy” Moore’s Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

Starting as a QA tester who had not been in the games industry prior, Eric Wideman impressed
me with his enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail. He started off totally green handling
QA duties on Lara Croft: Relic Run, a AAA mobile title that we developed with partner Square
Enix Europe, but his lack of industry experience at that time was never an issue and he
surpassed all expectations we had when hiring him.

The scope of the project was huge, and despite being the only QA tester we had in house, Eric
excelled at his duties and went well beyond what was required. He was quickly promoted to the
title of QA Manager and he is the most capable and professional QA Manager I have worked
with in 15 years. He learned the Jira issue tracking system with little to no training and had a
keen eye for detail that will be missed here.

As support for Relic Run winded down and the need for internal QA lessened, Eric showed
great initiative in beginning to learn the Unity 3D game engine and C# programming language in
the down time. Having also expressing a desire to participate in game design, he was made a designer on a
new multiplayer arena game. He worked with a very talented team to take the game from rough
concept to a playable prototype.

Eric is a very motivated and capable individual and I am happy to pass along my
recommendation for any position he may be trying for. He was a great asset to us and
enjoyable to work with. I’m am positive his talents and personality will make him a valuable
member of your team.


Chris “Skippy” Moore
Producer, Simutronics Corp. (
(618) 541-5737