Color Studio 456

This website was built for a hair salon, Color Studio 456. This is an informational site with the option for a blog. I will be maintaining this site monthly at the clients request.

Winter Willow Caravan

This website is currently under construction and was built for a small booth-style business, Winter Willow Caravan. This site will function as an eCommerce store front as well as a blog for the artists to demo/describe products.

Lycanthrope Labs

This website is a blog site that was setup for my indie game development studio. I am in the process of migrating this to a hosted site with a full wiki and blog attached.

Eric Wideman

This is the site you are looking at! I built this site to act as a resume/demo website for future employers/clients.

Video Game Development (Released)

Lara Croft - Relic Run

Lara Croft – Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run

– Quality Assurance Manager

– Level Designer

Video Game Development (Not Released)

Desktop Dash & Smash

– Level Designer

– Sound Engineer

– Quality Assurance


– Level Designer

– Sound Engineer

– Quality Assurance


UMSL – Introduction to SQL

UMSL – Intermediate Applications of SQL

UMSL – Advanced SQL Queries